Rhino Issue - USB Device Not Recognized

I was in the middle of debugging when my Rhino’s USB connection to my PC dropped. I tried cycling power and nothing. I tried using different USB ports and different computers but nothing happens when plugging it in. The board was connected to a regulated 6V source.

I disconnected the servo it was connected to and still nothing. This was the only device connected to the board at the time.

If I hold down the “reset” button I can get the PC to indicate “USB Device Not Recognized”, but nothing more.

The application that was on the device runs normally (moves servo back and forth on power up)

I tried getting into bootloader and I can NOT.

Any ideas? Do I have a dead board? Is there a warrenty?


There is a MODE pin to set the board in serial interface. Make sure it is not connected to anything.

I do not have and have not had anything on that particular pin…pin 36 on the board correct? It measures 2.7V.

Is this the expected behavior if MODE were pulled low?

The pin defaults high is not connected. You can contact GHI directly for further assistance