RGB Sockets

Looking at R-G-B type gadgeteer socket I see that Green and Blue sockets both have 6 bit signals but Red socket has only 5 bit (plus sync).
Is this correct ? Or is it a doc mistake ?

I’ve an old and good LCD Touch 10" and I’m considering to connect to hydra.

It is correct.

5:6:5 => R:G:B => 16bit coolor

Hi Gus,
R:5,G:6, B:6 => 17bit - ;D ahahahah, that’s for generic gadgeteer sockets.

Hydra firmware can auto switch only to T35 resolution or may manage different resolutions ?

It’s a bit of a biological oddity, but the human visual system perceives green more sentiviely than red and blue. (Well, truth be told blue is a distant third - but in a 16-bit color palette the difference isn’t signifcant enough to cost it an entire bit of precision). So when forced to allocated 16 bits to the 3 basic perceptive colors, systems often give the extra bit to Green. And thus I have manifested value from my college degree in computer graphics…

The Fez Hydra mainboard has been tested with the Seeed OLED display, so it should be able to handle different resolutions and color depths. If it’s not working for you, though, what error are you seeing?

@ Kerry and @ Gus
Thanks for the reply. I don’t see any error …
I just liked to know if I can manage different display resolution (on Spider or Hydra). I’ve a nice LCD 8" (800x480 if I remind correctly) and I’m checking if I can attach to RGB sockets. I know and understand the choice of the G gadgeteer sockets, this is not a problem Kerry.
Simply I was looking the R-G-B sockets specs and I noted that it’s 5-6-6 bits color depth, and my LCD is 8bit RGB so I’must find a way to strech color depth.

It is 5:6:5, where did you see 566?

You can connect about any display out there. It must be digital TFT interface, either with sync or enable pin. Note that displays usually have 666 or 888 but all you have to do is connect the extra LSB pins to ground. This is how it is on T35 module. You also need to reconfigure the mainboard with your display settigns.

Note that wiring/configuring TFT displays is something that is usually not super easy.

Max resolution supported on all our devices is 800x600.

@ Gus
Thank you for info.
I got here that G&B are 6bit and Red 5bit… 8) 8)

The screen I own is signal compatible with gadgeteer reqs, but, as you said, not an easy task to manipulate so many small wires …
I see now that my screen has USB touchscreen … uhhh interesting.