RFID Reader (GHI GM-366) on FEZ Spider

Just received the RFID reader, but to my dissappointment, could not find any example code that is directly applicable. Before i ordered i saw that there was some simple code in the Gadgeteer Tutorial section, but zooming in to that, it misses the basics of where to get the RFID class \ library, and it is not a part of the standard drivers in the designer either.

Has anybody used this reader on a Hydra or Spider ???

looking forward to any tips
tanks for any effort


I’m sure GHI is working very hard to get the driver out soon.

Keep an eye on the gadgeteer.codeplex.com site

@ Berto62

I am sure that the next code drop due out soon will include the driver for this. This module uses a U socket meaning its a Uart capable device. Not sure what the pins are mapped as (the schematic isnt on the site Gus may have it somewhere) but you could do this.

Add an extender into the designer on a U socket. Plug the rfid module into that socket and treat it as a serial device. When a tag is read it should allow you to get an interupt and handle the data. it will most likeley be in ASCII rather than any encoded format (unless the chip can be switched). This is how i got my ID-12 RFID reader working so it should work for you this way too i guess.


How big/small is the tag reading distance with the ID-12 ?

@ EriSan500,

I use an ID-2, and with the antenna provided with the chip, it is about 10 centimeters…

The tags i have are pretty small button tags and i can only really get about 5 cm reliably as the antena is internal to the chip . I would be interested to try the credit card sized tags to see if there is a difference. The ID-12 should read the tags that come with the GHI RFID module too as they are both the same freq.
I will be ordering one soon (when my local supplier finally gets some stock) so i wil have both to play with.

I suppose you mean ID-20, right?

That’s 10cm less then advertised. Did you tried it behind a window or small wall or something?

Thanks for the info

With these (see image) RFID key fob tags, I get about 2,5cm range on my RDM630 reader

Definatley ID-12. I just put it down to the size of the tags and smaller inductance of power etc. its not behind anything as you can see in the pic, just on the breadboard

Sorry, my reply was pointed at LouisCPro, because he mentioned ID-2

:slight_smile: no problem

The driver should be on latest beta release. If. There shoukd be a tutorial on wiki as well.

Totally forgot about the tutorials, thanks for the reminder Gus :slight_smile:

Berto here is the direct link to the wiki RFID module tutorial http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=RFID_Reader_Module

@ HughB - (and Gus)
I had the Tutorial , but it needs more than just creating an event… I am quite new at this, but i do need some kind of library that i can subscribe the rfid event to.
I shall look if i can find it in the latest Beta…else i am still waiting for a more elaborate example or tutorial.
thanks for the reply .

What do you mean? From the event in the tutorial you can do anything with the incoming ID!

What do you want to do with the ID after it comes in?

Hi Gus would this be the 4.2 / 4.1 compatable release thats on codeplex? Ive managed to confuse myself totally as to where to find it. Does it also support the Spider?

The latest (beta) release can be found here http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=7187

It supports 4.1 and 4.2. It does support Spider, but only in 4.1 at this time. Please make sure to follow the directions on the post to properly install the SDK.

Thanks Steven.


Can I safely install the Gadgeteer library without having Gadgeteer stuff to play around with the designer and provide additional support?

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. Are you asking if you can install the new SDK without having Gadgeteer hardware to use so you can help troubleshoot the problem?