RFID 915 Mhz with Gadgeteer


Has anyone got any experience of connecting a 915 Mhz (aka 900 Mhz) RFID reader to a gadgeteer project.

I’m interested in any workable solution, including attaching a separate commercial RFID reader - maybe something USB based.
Alternatively, can I integrate something that was designed for the Arduino/Netduino kits, such as this:

Any help/pointers would be appreciated.

kind regards

p.s. I know there’s a standard GHI module for 125Khz, but that’s not suitable for my application because:
(a) the tags need to be v cheap (e.g. <0.1$ a piece when manufactured in the millions)
(b) I need to be able to read lots of tags which are sat together (e.g. ~100)

Welcome to the nut farm… :slight_smile:
Most readers are accessed via Uart so it shouldn’t be an issue

I’ve used the Skyetek 900 MHz RFID readers before without issue. I even made a little Gadgeteer-to-Skyetek board to plug into my Cerberus.

Justin is right that many of these modules are programmed over a UART. Once you tell them to go active, they’ll start spitting out data to the UART. You can catch it with the LineReceived handler in Gadgeteer, though the current version has a bug in it preventing it from working when the debugging interface isn’t being used. I’d catch it with the Serial class’s data received event, and go from there.

Good luck!