RF433 Mhz communications project

Hi folks,

just uploaded my RF433Mhz driver to the Projects site.

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Excellent!!! This is on my todo list…

When my zigbee project is up and running I’ll stick the driver up there for all to see and use.

Cheers Ian

Very cool.

So is this like the X11 from a while back? I had a few of those about 9 years ago and it never seemed stable.

Also uploaded on Fezzer: [url]http://www.fezzer.com/project/61/rf433-mhz-/[/url]


do you mean X10? If so, X10 is communication over powerlines. What I build is wireless.


That is very smart! Do you have a video of actually controlling the power plugs?

I’ll see if I can make a video soon.

300 points, 200 more for video :slight_smile:

Here’s the video. Sorry for the lousy quality, don’t have a video camera.


Edit: Link also added to Project page

Sweet, you can now connect FEZ to Ethernet and then control the lights from your phone or from the internet :wink:

points are added, thanks :slight_smile:

nice work. Where did you buy the wireless power plugs and the RF433?


The Rf modules can be found in most electronics shops both local and online.
The wireless power plugs were bought at a DIY store.

reading about this project. where can i find that pin programming for the rf433 chip for a spider , i mean the OI9 from the cobra

static InputPort but1;
    static bool but1State;
    // RF 433 module pin 3 (data) connected to IO9 on the Cobra
    static RF433 rf = new RF433(FEZ_Pin.Digital.IO9);

Hey wetlip, you found another old project to dig up :wink:

From the page you point to you can see the code is all there…

Here is the relevant bit you need to understand.

  class RF433
    private OutputCompare oc1;
    private const string onCode = "0F";
    private const string offCode = "F0";
    private string FullCode;
    const int rfdelay = 345;  // Elro = 345
    const int rfRepeat = 3;
    private ArrayList transmitstr = new ArrayList();
    private FEZ_Pin.Digital RF433pin;
    public RF433(FEZ_Pin.Digital pin)
      RF433pin = pin;

You can see the RF433pin object is of type FEZ_Pin.Digital. You can update the code to take a CPU.Pin instead (it casts it back to that anyway) and then just use the gadgeteer methodology of defining a pin, like:

socket.ReservePin(Gadgeteer.Socket.Pin.Four, null)

hope that helps.

@ EriSan500 (Eric) - Hi Eric, I hace found your project and I have a question : Today, How would you do to build the same project with the new GHI Product ?
I have a little Domotic project and I search an solution to use the 433 Mhz module with the gadgeteer.
Thank you for your answer !