Reward coupons are broken

Tried to redeem a coupon at:

Doesn’t work.

@ Architect - I told everyone that some day the “lists” were going to haunt them but I am sorry that you are considered collateral damage! :whistle:

Just kidding we will take a look and let you know.


I have the same problem…


Yeah. I had a $50-off coupon and I tried to use it and it suddenly disappeared with no trace of it anywhere!

Are you sure it wasn’t a $150-off coupon?

$50 off coupons haven’t been available for almost a year I think. Sounds like you might have had something cached.

It’s so bizarre. One moment I have a $50-off coupon, the next moment, all traces of them have disappeared for almost a year, and even long time regulars have no recollection of them for almost a year.

Sorry about that, I needed a new board!

This has been fixed.

Im still not seeing my $50-off coupon :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’ve noticed that since those went away I don’t order nearly as often as I used to… :whistle:

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Same here!

Although, the fact that the NZ dollar has dropped like a rock doesn’t help either.

My salary in NZ is now down to 43% of the job I quit in California :frowning:

Ouch! Several years back I had an offer to work for Microsoft on the Office team in California (one of the least economical states). They wanted me to take about a 25% cut in pay and move from Tennessee (one of the most economical states) for that privilege. I had to kindly refuse…

Move to California from Tennessee and take a pay CUT?

That seems backwards…Wow. So Tennessee is where the high paying jobs are now?

it seems I;ve taken a 57% pay cut to live down here. My regret is building each day.

@ mtylerjr - Sad fact of the NZ market means if you want to earn the $$'s then you need to become a Jaffer and move to Auckland…

Romania is an interesting place to work. Amazon, Lear and a bunch of others are here. There are a LOT of tech companies and startups in Iasi. The income tax rate for programmers is 0% (yup - zilch - tax free) and the cost of living is very, very low. All of Europe is accessible within a 2-3 hr flight for under $300. If you are a remote worker, and can tolerate some rough and rugged social infrastructure, it’s pretty ideal.

Of course, if you are working locally (for the previously mentioned Amazon, Lear, etc) then those companies know the landscape here - it’s why they are here - educated people and low labor costs. So, you’re not going to make anywhere near the money you’d make elsewhere.

It’s supply and demand. Nashville has become a huge tech startup town with a surplus of jobs. Silicon Valley has a surplus of developers.

When you’re ready, we’re have a job for you!