Returning from the Maker Faire

I am on the train with my iPad, so I will be short. After I return home, and have dinner, I will post more, along with pictures.

I had a great day.

Found out that the meaning of FEZ did not start out as freaking easy! ;D

More later…

I went to the Faire with a friend from work. He is a super hardware guy who is also very good at software. We have done several project together.

I had expected the Faire to be a little off the normal path. But it turned out to great with something to interest everyone. Who would not like to watch a 3D printer printing a turtle out of peanut butter?

It was a little hard to find a specific vendor. The information desk did not have a sorted list of who was there. She could not find Spark Fun on her list, who we later found.

Some of the exhibitors were inside, such as GHI, but most were outside.

The exhibitors were a varied group. From Microsoft/Ford/AutoDesk to high school kids showing off their projects.

3D printers seem be the rage in DIY projects. I got a laugh when I saw signs about open source replicating 3D printers. Have we not learned from the Cylons?

I only found two vendors that were showing embedded development systems. GHI and mbed.

mbed is selling a NXP LPC1768 ARM board. It is C++ based, and they offer a cloud compiler. You develop your program in a browser, with the compilation being done on their server.

Of course, my favorite exhibitor was GHI. All the goodies that were told about were there. The tic tac toe and led roulette games looked at lot better in person than online. Robert really did a great job on the roulette game.

more to come…

This picture is for Chris:

The famous robot arm from the video was there:

I did not spend a lot of time speaking with Robert. He was busy handling the crowds while I was speaking to Gus. He is good looking guy on the right. :smiley:

This is Robert. Hello buddy. 8)

Thank you Mike for this post. I wanted to know about what is happening in the Maker Faire.
I wish I was there.

But it says Robert on his badge :smiley:

We all know that Gus tends to be enthusiastic about his products and .NET on the forum. Well, in person he is even more so! I have to say Gus is real, if like him on the forum, you will love him in person. (Gus, I meant that in a non-physical manly way.) :slight_smile:

My friend and I spend quite a bit of time at the GHI booth speaking with Gus. I got to ask him some questions I didn’t feel were appropriate to discuss on the forum, and he was honest and straightforward in his responses. I really enjoyed our time together.

In the picture below, Gus is just pointing to the FEZ monkey, he is not pre-announcing a new product. Although, with a little encouragement, I think we might be able to convince him to consider a line of FEZwear.

Thanks for the report and posting some inside info! Cool to see the “fez monkeys” in person ;D

But: please please please I want a t-shirt :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

yeah the shirts looks good.

So Gus isn’t a self learning FEZ? Color me disappointed! Great looking shirt, guys. I want one.

Looks like we’ve got a couple of supermodels in our midst and we didn’t even realise. So how long did it take to trained these people to talk like Gus and Robert?

we want t-shirts :smiley:

haha i was nervous about talking to people about the specs and what not, but after seeing gus do it, i was on a roll :smiley:

It was a pleasure meeting you Mike

The pleasure was mutual.

I enjoy meeting meeting people who are passionate about what they do!