Return of the?

just one guess who’s back … yes, yes, yes …



@ ianlee74 - Elvis lives around the corner here, I meet him almost everyday, that doesn’t count … oh, I shouldn’t have said that … :whistle:

So I have to say you probably knew or you are a d… good guesser …

but that’s nice present isn’t it ?

Well, I am a damn good guesser. I never met a multiple choice test I couldn’t pass… However, I did have a little chat with Justin last week… :wink: Good news indeed!

Yeah, let’s give a warm welcome when he reports back …

Well, I did pass all my multiple choices as well, but can’t tell if all the answers were correct :whistle:

… at least the one with the ladies turn out just perfect … :wink:

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I was an overnight sensation. :smiley:

Elvis Presley


Lorenzo Tessiore?


@ Justin - Welcome back!


@ Architect - Thanks ;D

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@ Justin - Indeed, welcome back.

Are you in a position to respond to orders for your creations yet? Or do you need a little time to get settled first? :slight_smile:

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@ devhammer - Thanks.

In the process of ordering more PCB’s so should be good to go in 2 weeks or so unless i have anything you want in stock.

Just ping me an email.

@ Justin - So, did you visit the Shire? Bring any hobbits back with you? ;D

@ Architect - Funny you should mention that…did get a few pictures in Wellywood of Orcs etc but left the Hobbits behind :smiley:

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@ Justin - welcome back to the cold mate. Good to see you back.

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Welcome back !

Welcome back from down under!