RETRO: Unfinished Business

:dance: Many thanks to GHI for the free RETRO. :dance:
Although I did not lodge an entry I was able to get it to produce simultaneous multi-channel sound with quality animated graphics with no hardware mods.


That looks great! +1
Perhaps you can publish your code or your bin files?

Hey that looks fantastic! Really nice looking graphics. Reminds me of a Game Boy Advance!

On another note, I noticed that a few people had soldered something into the expansion header on their Retros. I am curious as to what you used it for?

I used the expansion header during the initial phases of my development of the multichannel sound. I had temporarily connected up a second piezo speaker in tandem to hear how it would sound prior to combining multiple channel output from the RETRO’s speaker.

Here also unfinished business :frowning:

Didn’t enter an entry and feel kinda bad about it… The plan was to make a pacman game… and the maze building and such was already done… but I didn’t had/found time to finish the project on time…

You do mean something like this?

Yes, only no pacman, but a Fez-Man… My graphics weren’t that nice though :frowning: The maze was a lot bigger…

@ iwritecode: you can still finish it and share it on Perhaps not for a prize, but you’ll probably still get the honour and glory on this forum!
(looking forward to see your contribution)