RETRO Tip - Reset button

If you’re new to RETRO or expecting one soon, one thing I noticed is that the reset button on the back is pretty sensitive, and it’s the tallest component on the back side of the board, so I found that I was pretty frequently activating it accidentally when I put the board down on my desk after putting it in loader mode.

If I paid attention, I could put it down gently enough to avoid this, but rather than worry about it, I added standoffs (similar to these: to the back of the board, and now there’s no trouble with the button being activated accidentally.


Thanks for the tip.

Has someone generated a 3D model of the RETRO yet? If there’s a .STL file available, it would be a fairly quick task to generate a 3D printable enclosure.

Did you guys get yours?

Mine arrived today.

@ ianlee74 - Only thing on the RETRO wiki are the Eagle files (brd/sch). Haven’t seen anything else.

On the one hand, I like the idea of an enclosure. On the other hand, I love the 70s-era harvest gold color on mine, and the screen printed graphics…would be a terrible shame to cover those up. :smiley:

Yep. My orange one showed up today, also.

Maybe someone who has mastered converting Eagle files to 3D could take a stab at it? (yep, I’m looking at you, Architect :wink: )

I agree totally. I was thinking of just making something that covers the back and then use the RETRO as the face. If someone has time to create the RETRO model, I’ll volunteer to create the enclosure.

@ ianlee74 - I’ll take a look tomorrow.

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Cool. I’ll try to finish up what I’m working on tonight and knock the enclosure out tomorrow night if you get it ready.

@ ianlee74 - I have Google Sketch file. Will that work?


Those look excellent. I’ll be using Fusion360 but a Sketchup file should work just fine. I can export other formats using it if I need to. You can email me the file or post it somewhere. I’m sure GHI would like to add that to the RETRO page on the mBed site, also. Thanks!

Is it possible to change it so that it renders the solder mask in yellow/orange so the final render matches the board?

@ ianlee74 - Can you please snap a picture of your Retro and post it here?

Unfortunately, I don’t have it with me and won’t be home until late tonight. But, Gus posted a picture here. I’ve got one of both colors but it sounds like the contestants are receiving the yellow one. So, I figured we’d use it. If you want to do one in white also, that would be great. I’m not sure how easy that color is to change once its in Sketchup. If its easy, don’t worry about and I’ll tweak it from there.

This should be close enough.


That looks great. You can see the details a lot better than with the black version. If you’ll get me the files I’ll start playing during lunch. Thanks!

@ ianlee74 - You are welcome. Sent.

@ Architect - Did you ever get your 3D printer working?

@ ianlee74 - Nope :frowning:

And I still need to put together some boards for you.

No worries. Once its done, I’ll shoot you an enclosure in the mail if you don’t have access to a printer.

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@ ianlee74 - You don’t have to. Thank you though.

Of course, I don’t “have” to :wink:

Got mine Retro too. Will try it tomorrow. :dance: