RETRO ROM Compilation

Now that the contest entries should be in can we establish a single location for compiled images? It would be nice to be able to just download the bin file so we can play the games. I looked to see if there is a way to attach the files to a forum post but do not see how. I can host a page or just space to put the ROMs :slight_smile: on my web site as I have lots of space and little content. Thanks!

I think we can make an exception and put it on codeshare. What do you guys think?

We were planning in adding the videos and the binaries on the product page but maybe code share is better to update the images?

Temporary Compilation of Compiled Roms:

All in One Zip File:

or individually β†’

Cave Dweller β†’ taylorza

CHIP-8 Emulator β†’ taylorza

Retro City Rally β†’ taylorza

Space Raiders β†’ taylorza

Retro Invaders! β†’ cfavreau

Balls and Holes β†’ maxint

Balls and Paddle β†’ maxint

Noko Bam! β†’ Rogerup

Lost treasure of mBedungu tribe (Rick Dangerous) β†’ Architect

Shake the Maze β†’ GBr1Industries


Thank you for compiling all these entries! That makes it indeed quite a bit easier to play.
(Next step is to create a usb-host capable loading device… :wink: )