Retro games in modern programming

Thoughts on this?


What I find amazing is that engineers were making such games 30 years ago without these modern tools.

You said it, engineers, not kids.

Each engineer hasn’t a part of kid ?

Yes every engineer is a kid but not every kid an engineer :wink:

Please tell me if you can upload this Arcade animation program to your BrainPad. And if so, what steps do you take to do it. I could not but am so new at this that I probably don’t know the proper process. My program seems to upload when i press the reset button on BP, the green light shines (ready for upload) and then blinks uploading when I copy and paste the program into BP file but the game screen (OLED) on BP board does not show the sprite and nothing animates. Thx, attack animation

There is already have extension for BrainPad that let’s do a lot of the game stuff. I think @Greg_Norris was making a video


Hello frank,
You can’t load programs created at to the BrainPad you’ll need the new BrainPad Arcade hardware, which should be available soon. As Gus mentioned there is an Animation and Game engine available within the BrainPad that you can use and program at I will be making a video about this later this week. It functions very similar to the way you animate and make games in BrainPad Arcade. If you’re anxious you can look at the ‘Running Man’ program we created for the BrainPad, it use both the Animation and Game engine extensions, to get an idea of how it’s structured.

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