RETRO Game - Snake

Ported my Medusa implementation of the game for RETRO:


@ Architect - Nicely done. Imported it and works great.

2 observations:

[ol]Could be just my perception, but it seemed like the snake food ended up at the edge of the screen more often than random chance would account for.
On two occasions, the food ended up on the body of the snake.[/ol]

Very cool to see your progress. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks ;D

It is possible. I will be adding more checks and making it more complete. Not sure what can be done about “randomness” of the food, but I’ll take a look.

@ Architect - Nice, I like that the snake wraps around the screen ie. leaves one side and enters the other.

@ taylorza - Thank you. I am glad you like it. I am thinking about shrinking the field a little bit to have some space for statistics.

[ post removed because I looked again at your code and realized I’d missed some important details on how it was working ]