RETRO Game Console specs question

Hello every one,

I was asking some stuff on the contest page and i wanted some more info. but that thread is not really the place to put it.

so to compile what has been mention earlier:

it uses the same chip as the mBuino and uses N18 display. while looking for more info i noticed a difrance from the mBuino. what is the metal can Piezo1 “piezoelectric speaker” ? and what is IC3,

Piezo speaker for sound and 3-axis accelerometer IC

1.8 inch viewable 128x160 pixels
CPU: 50 MHz
Flash memory: 32k
RAM: 8k
RAM (User available): 6k
PWM: 6 (2 User exposed, 2 LED connected, 1 Buzzer, 1 Display Backlight)
I2C: 1
JTAG Debug: Yes (SWD)

Thanks. that’s awesome so it also has an accelerometer. this gives me some extra ideas. thanks for all the help and info.

@ Precious Roy - We look forward to the onslaught of games, keep us posted!

Hi folks, I can not find how to deploy and any ide rather then web?

@ eugenep - How to deploy a firmware can be found under this section Programmable & Hacker-Friendly at this link here:

As for an IDE other than the web, you can use the free version of Keil’s uVision4 as the RETRO only has a maximum of 32 kB of flash and the free version of uVision4 can compile up to 32 kB for free. However, there may not be any mbed libraries available and you will need to program the board in a raw environment.

@ Aron - correction. The mbed libraries can be downloaded and compiled with tools like keil.

@ Aron - I am ok with c/c++, but also I was going to give it to my 13 yrs old son and he does python, do you know any options on python available?


@ eugenep - Interfacing with Python - Cookbook | Mbed

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