RETRO Contest uploading

Hi, which do you need in mbed code form???

  • mbed notebook
  • mbed repository
  • github repository


As I understand you need to:

  1. make a (private) youtube video and
  2. publish your code on mbed as a (private) program.
    Both actions will each give you a url that you can enter in the entry form on

(note: Entry submission ends March 2, 2015)

Does it have to be private?

I don’t think so. (Hence the parentheses).
Preferably all entries should eventually become public, so we can all enjoy them.
If you submit them privately, I guess the url provides access to the judges, but I’m not sure.

So far I have not seen any new Retro games on, so I guess participants have kept them to theirselves (to avoid clones?)
The two small games I will submit share a (messy) library. I will make my submissions public, probably by the end of the final entry date…

They don’t have to be private. I am guess most people won’t make them public until after the deadline.

@ maxint - Is it your messy library or someone elses? ;D

Hahaha, no the mess is entirely my own (yet for all to enjoy! ;-p )

Besides that bunch of bytes my games also depend upon the music and lcd libraries that Chris (aka @ taylorza ) made, which are playing a whole different ballgame in the neat, tidy and documented league…

lol…Chris’ libraries are pretty good, but let’s not tell him! I don’t want him to think he is getting too good for us… :whistle:

Never!!! I hardly go a day without learning something new from this community. 2 years ago I had literally no idea about SPI, I2C etc. To GHI and this community I say :clap:


@ taylorza - We do what we can but I agree with you about the community and the wealth of knowledge and the willingness to share it.

So you need only source code, not a complete description

@ br1johnny - if you think the game will be confusing put a few notes in the code.

just submitted!


just showing the links.

It took me two hours to figure out how to post my very first youtube video, but here it is; my first entry.

By coincidence it’s similar to the game by @ br1johnny, but simpler and obviously missing the music, video-editing magic and the very neat case. Just trying to make the video with my phone while playing the game in one hand was challenging enough. For my other game I’ll use a stand…

@ br1johnny: Excellent video! Did you tape the camera to your head? :wink:
BTW. nice case. Did you make it?

[Edit: put video in separate topic]


The case is just politer ( and it’s handmade.
Wow it’s similar!!! (mine is with a recursive backtracker algorithm)
Camera is on a tripod light from a large window :wink:
Music was just made with garageband ipad app ahahahah xD

@ br1johnny - I don’t have permission to import MMA8453.

@ roger MMA8453 - Accelerometer library (simple) | Mbed now is public…I forgot it :wink: