RETRO case

“Upgraded” my RETRO a little bit. ;D


@ Architect - Me likey. Did you pick up a laser cutter while no one was looking? :wink:

Nope. Just my old good Dremel scroll saw.

Love it. Would love it more with a 3D printed enclosure :slight_smile:

@ Architect - That is inspiring! For someone like me that is mostly limited to the software side of things, that is very cool.

I like the open layered look, all other consoles have the more solid enclosures, this shows the beauty of the underlying device.

Maybe @ ianlee74 can design something and print it. :whistle:

Thanks. I like clear enclosures. I have also replaced the buttons. To have cups. Unfortunately the buttons I got have a loud click. That is the only downside of this mod.

:frowning: Yea… Fusion360 wasn’t real happy with the imported model you made me. I’m going to have to create one from scratch from within Fusion360 to make it work. It turned into a bigger time suck than I had available at the time. It’s still on my list of things to do.

Your enclosure looks great, BTW!

@ ianlee74 - sorry to hear it didn’t work. May be you can start with dxf of the board that Eagle can generate. Should save some time.

So a year later…

Here’s hoping the Shape lock holds her together long enough to print a replacement assembly. If it works I’d be happy for the first print to be a case for the Immortal one.

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@ Skewworks - Nice!

Rule number 1 for 3D printer owners - Print a set of replacement parts as your first print. :smiley:


If it doesn’t work, just shoot me the STL and I’ll send you one.

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She lives! I need to do some releveling and stop the laptop from powering down the USB after 30min (even though its set to high performance mode) and we’ll be off to the races.

I don’t have a retro so I’ll need exact measurements.