RETRO - 4 games 4 genres

Since @ Architect got the ball rolling I thought I would share my submissions…

The first is a relatively simple platformer with 4 levels. Each time you complete the 4 levels you get an extra life and the game speeds up slightly. The video is slightly older so it only shows 3 levels, you will have to play the game to see the 4th level.

Without further ado I introduce to you RETRO Cave Dweller

My second submission is a maze scrolling game. I really wanted to see if I could build a largish maze that the player could navigate. In this game you try to collect the flags before you run out of fuel or one of the other 3 computer controlled cars catch you. Beware they are more intelligent than they seem and will try box you in.

RETRO City Rally

This third submissions actually started as a completely different game. I wanted to build a 3d engine that I would use to create a flight simulator and this code was just simple code to test various aspects of the 3d engine before getting into the real game. My daughter saw it and started playing with it, just flying around in a star field and she was quite taken by it so I decided to add some enemy ships, some shoot and sound effects and tada I had a simple game. Not pretty but quite challenging and a little fun to play. You play until you miss 50 enemy ships, see how many hits you get :slight_smile:

RETRO Space Raiders

And for the fourth and final submission there is not much to say, I had previously posted about this one. It is an emulator of the Chip-8 virtual machine running original Chip-8 games. I did not write any of the games, just the emulator so I am not sure it counts.

The code for each of the above games will be made public on 03/02/2015 and the links posted here.


One word: A M A Z I N G :clap:

(Looking forward to play these awesome games on my Retro, while trying to fnd courage to fix bugs in my amateurish attempts…)

@ maxint - Thanks, don’t knock your game, I badly wanted to do a game using the accelerometer but could not come up with a good idea, both my wife and I liked the game you have. it looks like a good challenge.

@ taylorza: thanks. I will make it public so you can see if you or your wife succeed in completing the final level.
BTW: I just entered my other submission, which I personally like a bit more.

Here are the links to the code

RETRO City Rally : RETRO-CityRally - Race around the city collecting the flags while a… | Mbed
RETRO Space Raiders : RETRO-SpaceRaiders - After decimating the enemy forces that have attac… | Mbed
RETRO Cave Dweller : RETRO-CaveDweller - Platform game written for the GHI/OutrageousCircu… | Mbed
RETRO Chip 8 : RETRO-Chip8 - Emulation of the 1970's Chip-8 machine. The emula… | Mbed


Very impressive!
:clap: :clap: :clap:

@ Experimenter - Thank you.

Just about fell over on the floor first time I saw this post. Most impressive.

@ cfavreau - Thank you, given the great work you have done with your submission I appreciate that.

@ taylorza - Congratulations on the win! and thanks again for all of the games. Cave Dweller is a really cool and impressive game and I really like playing City Rally. Rally-X is a favorite game of mine that I like to play on the TV Joystick games that came out years back. It is really great to have it on the RETRO.

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@ cfavreau - Thank you. City Rally was done for my wife, Rally-X was her favorite game as well. And congratulations again on your winning entry, well deserved!