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REST WCF service



I’m trying to find some accurate info about possibility straightforward implementation of WCF service that would support simple GET/POST requests and JSON serialization and parsing and cannot find any specific info.

I got to the point where I know about OperationContract and ServiceContract attributes to declare services but is there any ready-made implementation of a server that would be able to host such services (declared with mentioned attributes) and expose them as REST service to consume them i.e. in a web browser?

Best regards,
Lukasz Spas


You might want to look into Azure Mobile services Instead…


Hmm… looks cool but…

I would need permanent Internet connection on my board and I want to keep it inside of LAN only. Also I will need to develop another layer of my application for Azure server and this just adds an additional complexity to the solution. Do you have maybe some other idea for “not-connected devices” ? Thanks in advance.


You should look into creating a RESTful web service using Microsoft’s Web API ( The web service can be hosted in IIS on a machine on your LAN. I have used this method to communicate with a web service hosted in Azure, but it does not have to reside there.

For JSON there are a number of libraries available, just google netmf json.


Yeah… it’s just that there has to be other machine running for that solution and I want to avoid that kind of dependency. I guess if there would be any Web server implementation that handles GET/POST requests I could extend it to handle REST (JSON formatted data) requests/responses.

Is there any web server for netmf which supports that?


For local lan check out the following: