Resource to start "Online controlled RC car with camera view"

Hi all,

I’m totally new to hardwares, electronics and Tinyclr.
I’m a .Net developer who is comfortable with .Net Micro Framework although it’s new to me.

I’m interested in finding out how to do something like over a online portal.

I’ve read for RC controlled car & for web cam.

I’ve grasp the basic idea of controlling the RC car by:
Replacing the controller of a RC car with a Servo transmitter.
Controlling the Servo by a PC connected through the web-portal.

As webcam API is new and not open yet, I’ve no idea of how to go about it yet.

I do not understand how does a Servo replace RC controller, how does it detect the radio wave for the RC car, replacing it and what hardware does it need. Looking at did make it seems workable although I’ve totally no idea about the flow.

Would appreciate someone to guide me through the hardware to look at and more examples on making this easier to a newbie like me.

Thanks alot.

Since you are new to hardware, I suggest you start with one of the kits, maybe the robot kit partially since this is what you are trying to do.

Webcam support is in latest SDK which runs nicely on EMX (FEX Cobra) and on chipworkx