Resouce not available

In the FEZ Touch example I added a resource (add existing item) it was an PNG image i converted with the conversion utility.
It is visible in the resource heading, It is copied by the application to the same directory as the original img file.

The application generates the following error (Jos_bew) is my converted file.

How come the resource is not availabe. If I chage Jos_bew back to img again the error disappears and the monkey is shown again.

Who can Help,

Regards, Jos

Error 1 ‘FEZ_Touch_Example.Resources.BinaryResources’ does not contain a definition for ‘Jos_bew’ E:\PANDA II\FEZ Touch\FEZ Touch Example\FEZ Touch Example\Program.cs 63 102 FEZ Touch Example

There is a tool to convert images, you can’t use raw images on these little devices…(you can on EMX/FEZ Cobra)

See zip file here

Hi Gus,

I used the tool to translate te images, translation gave no errors.

It still givds the same problem.