Resolve: unknown type: ERROR: ff000000 on custom code

I’m getting this error starting the debugger

I have got 2 classes projects one in the other: MikeLab.ModBus is referenced by MikeLab.DC360ES, MikeLab.DC360ES is where I call stuffs from Console Project…

I’m getting this error, it’s sound like during debug start it mess up things and doesn’t understand where to find MikeLab.Modbus.ModbusAggregateTypeConverter. It’s in MikeLab.ModBus that’s in MikeLab.DC360ES…

Found debugger!

Create TS.

 Loading start at 202dd578, end 2030ca0c

   Assembly: mscorlib (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Native (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Security.PKCS11 (4.3
.1.0)     Assembly: System.Security (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware (  
   Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore (  
   Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.IO (     Assembly: System.IO (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Usb ( 
    Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SerialPort (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Touch (  
   Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Ink (     Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM (  
Loading Deployment Assemblies.

Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: GHI.Hardware (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: MikeLabModBus (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: MikeLabMicroJSON (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: System (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: MikeLabTestJsonConfig (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: MikeLabDC360ES (  Attaching deployed file.

   Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Net (  Resolving.

Resolve: unknown type: MikeLab.Modbus.ModbusAggregateTypeConverter

Error: ff000000

Waiting for debug commands...

Il programma '[0x8] Micro Framework application: Gestito' è terminato con il codice 0 (0x0).

What can I try to do? Compiler likes all the projects.

@ andre.m - I use MikeLab.Modbus only in MikeLab.DC360ES… Console app teorically doesn’t know about it’s existance, but in MikeLab.DC360ES after compilation MikeLab.Modbus must be there… I think… ???

It doesn’t find this:

using System;

namespace MikeLab.Modbus
    public static class ModbusAggregateTypeConverter
        static Type[] _convert = new Type[6]{ typeof(bool), typeof(short), typeof(ushort), typeof(int), typeof(uint), typeof(float) };

        public static Type Convert(byte index)
            return _convert[index];

@ andre.m - I tried to add that reference to console app… But no luck…

I will now try to add MikeLab.Modbus source code directly in MikeLab.Dc360es. So there will be not reference of reference…

Job done all works! Without reference of reference it works. All classes in one Project. So is this a NETMF bug?