Reset voltage threshold

Does anyone know at what voltage level does an SCM20260D go into Reset?

I am trying to troubleshoot my super cap power fail circuit. When power is removed the super cap kicks in and an interrupt is sent to an input pin. However, the processor RESET gets pulled low about 1.3us after the interrupt pin goes low. I don’t know if it is the power fail circuit pulling the RESET or the 20260D. The supply voltage at the reset point is about 3.152Vdc. The power fail circuit isn’t supposed to assert the Reset line until 3.081Vdc.

The RESET line stays low for about 300ms then it comes back up, the processor reboots and runs an additional 7 seconds or so until the super cap is depleted.

Not remember exactly, probably under 1.2v

Okay. What is the minimum operating voltage of the SitCore?

Never mind. I found it on the System on Chip page. 1.62V ~ 3.6V

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