Reset Issues

Hi all! I’m having a really strange problem. I’ve build my app and it’s working in my Frez Cobra. My app saves a log in a file every 10seconds.

After studying my logs I’ve seen that my Fez Cobra is resetting after 2 hours working. Using VS debuger I have seen that there is no error or exception.

Any idea about how can I see what is not working well??


PD: I’m using an USB cable to supply power.

There is no reason on why it would reset beside an exception or bad power source.

I receive no exception (I’m controlling it) maybe can be a power supply issue…

You haven’t enabled watchdog by any chance?

No, I’ve not.

I would add explicit logging of app restart events to make sure what you think is going on is actually going on - log info on restart to a separate file.

if you’re debugging this, and the device resets, I would have expected you to lose connection to the debugger, so you’d stop getting info.

(What do you mean by “I’m controlling it”? )

I’d also ask do you have your application nicely try/catch wrapped?