Reset a PPP connection

Occasionally my PPP connection drops, or won’t reconnect after a signal level check. (i.e. returning from command mode.) In those instances, I reset the modem and try to re-establish a PPP connection. The modem resets fine and after the “ATD99**1#” command I get the correct CONNECTED message back from the modem.

Before I try to re-establish the network connection I do a networkController.Dispose() and a garbage collect to be sure I am starting with a fresh controller.

I get an CLR_E_INVALID_OPERATION exception when I get to networkController.Enable().

After multiple tries I have the software just do a reboot and it will establish the connection. I just can’t seem to come back after a lost connection. Is there something else with the network controller or interface that I should be doing before reconnecting a new PPP connection?

Added and will take a look: PPP: Can’t enable once lost connection · Issue #1046 · ghi-electronics/TinyCLR-Libraries (