Require old files for support

Hi, I want to get the old netmf installed to support something. It is listed here:

[NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R5]

However when run, it shows errors due to the download files not being present. Another forum post here a while back references an site as a source, but that is not even online now.

Web searches show nothing… so where are these downloads available from?

Planned package: Uninstall_Previous.bat
Planned package: sam_ba.2.12.exe
Planned package: DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.3_Setup.exe
Planned package: DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.3_Setup_amd64.exe
Planned package: GHI_Electronics_NETMF_v4.2_SDK.msi
Planned package: GHI_Electronics_NETMF_v4.3_SDK.msi
Planned package: GHI_Electronics_NETMF_Gadgeteer_SDK.msi
Planned package: GHI_Electronics_FEZ_Config.msi
Planned package: GHI_Electronics_USB_Drivers_x86.msi
Planned package: GHI_Electronics_USB_Drivers_x64.msi


What product and what are you trying to make?

I’m betting they are a new member of an old company who has been tasked with setting up a PC to support one of their legacy netmf products. If that’s the case, Welcome and commisserations! :slight_smile:

Those are all no longer included in the last rolled up package I saw - the vendor stopped supporting them or made significant changes that meant they were not possible to include. They are explicitly for the sam-ba capability, and depending on what GHI products you have you may not need them.

You should also be using the 2016 latest netmf build otherwise you will likely have (worse) issues getting VS to work. From memory, the listed files on the netmf downloads page can be made work - but as Gus hinted at, the world has moved on…

We have some embedded units which have been running in the field for the past 8 years running on G120. We need to make a small code change due to a celllular module change.

We are not asking for support in terms of functionality. Simply to be able to setup the environment again. Sadly the GHI installer doesn’t appear to contain the listed packages. The internet isn’t providing an obvious source. Hence the request.


I got it to install.

I would suggest that GHI packages all referenced files into installers so people can keep those as self-contained platform installers in future.

that’s supporting a now no-longer-supported platform. While GHI have a great history of supporting their products for a long time, doing anything here is pretty much wasted effort

Technology changes quickly. NuGet was not a thing, codeplex went away…etc. We try to share as much as we can but sometimes is a challenge! Moving everything old to the new docs alone was 6 months of work.

How about someone building a VM image with all the software?

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