Requiem for a Robot

Today, friends, is a sad day. I’m getting ready to throw away my RoboSapien v2 robot, just as I had learned how to command it from my FEZ Spider using the IR eblocks.

Alas, the friendly fellow fell victim to a common malady among his kind, the too-often fatal crumbling insulation. His doctors (ok, doctor, namely me) tried in vain to salvage his circulatory system, but the damage was simply too great.

He will be fondly remembered for his twisted sense of humor, his utter lack of bowling skills, and his truly extraordinary execution of his signature dance move, “the robot”.

I am still trying to determine whether he had an organ donor card, and if he intended to leave his motors and other parts to science.

This is just sad :frowning: maybe a timemachine will bring if back to life.

Maybe you can donor the parts to make a scrap bot out of it?

@ Robert

A distinct possibility…trying to balance the equations of free time, space to store the junk til I get around to disassembling to scavenge the parts, and just moving on to something else that doesn’t require as much effort. :slight_smile:

It’s fun I guarantee you ;D
I had a lot of fun building that scrap bot. :stuck_out_tongue: