Request: System.Convert, System.Number classes

In the meantime, any ideas on how to manually convert a String to a float/System.Single? I tried copying/pasting through the .NET source code but it winds up branching out into so many different things that aren’t in the TinyCLR yet I just gave up after an hour or so…

That was really weird… :frowning_face: If you type System.Convert it doesn’t show up and Intellisense changes it to System.BitConverter. However, if you just type Convert. it works.

TinyCLR System.Convert does not implement ToSingle but you could use ToDouble and then cast the result to float/single.

There is not System.Convert in NETMF. Please try the similar code:-1:
String strT = “123”;
Int32 i = Int32.Parse( strT );