Request for a small change log for the Beginners Guide

Hello TINYCLR team.

I’m studying the Beginners Guide, because it it “work in progress” it is sometime difficult to see what is new.

Is it possible to setup a small change log, like one line of high lights per version. This makes it easier to find the new section.

Thanks anyway for your work.


good point. The book is near complete now so starting next release we will start pointing out what had changed in the book

Thank Chimpanzee,

May i do an other suggestion, Chepter 10, is a very imported section before we can start using the FEZ boards. So my idea is that it belongs to chepter 5, do you not thing?
Reading that chepter 10, again i think a link to the upgrade procedure is also handy :wink:


New version is online. We will continue on enhancing the book …