Replace DL40 with IO firmware with Hub AP5?

Is the discontinued DL40 module running the DL40IO firmware, replaceable with a Hub AP5, I need 16 -40 IO’s with interrupt capabilities. I already played with the IO60P16 but this gave me too much of problems with the Fez Hydra. Now it seems that both the HUB and the IO60P16 has the same chip.

Any other solutions to use a lot of interrupt cable IO pins?

My mainboard already has a lot of slots in use: TFT with touch, DP power, SD, 2xRelay16, ENC28, so there are not enough of Y slots free to get to the number of IO’s I need.

Just noticed that 2 main components that I use for prototyping a product I’m working on are discontinued! ISOx16 Module and DL40 are discontinued man this is a big bummer. I first wanted to release the first batches with the gadgeteer modules, before I invested in creating my own boards, but this really sucks.

Now there are no relay alternatives available with 16 relais… For me this is signal of rethinking if investing in gadgeteer technology is worth it! I realy like the .Net MF aspect but discontinuing products so fast is creazy right?

Ok, breath in, breath out and relax again…

Is there coming a replacement for the ISOx16?

it’s unlikely that there’s a replacement 16 relay board on the horizon.

GHI’s business decisions are unfortunately impacting you here, but they will continue to offer to build “small” volumes of modules if you need them. But now is honestly the time to make your own board if you’re done prototyping. The design files for the DL40 are available on Codeplex (in the GenericDaisyLink module so you have a nice easy job there - and the same goes for the ISOx16 board.

yes you are right, I will need to make my own boards now…

Regarding the Hub AP5 how is this compared to the IO60P16 and the DL40?
Can this also be used as an IO expander with interrupts?

AP5 is not the same, no. It uses a different processor to the DL40 and I don’t know if it’s reprogrammable or able to be repurposed. Personally, DL40 would be my go-to.

Ok tnx Brett, will stick with DL40 components, I already have a custom board for converting 24v to 3.3V so I will add the DL40 and the relais to that.