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Repeated laptop crashes with visual studio serial programming


Hi guys,

Have anyone experienced with this problem

I tried to program my fez panda ii using the serial com port but every time I debug my laptop immediately crashes.

I’m using visual studio 2010 professional

for now, I will just stick with the old usb style of programming just to b safe


I have used it many times and never had issues


are you using windows 7

but yeah, I basically tried different combination of wiring (MOD to ground vs not etc), power sources (battery and laptop), but still get crashes
7 crashes are enough for me

maybe it has something to do with not closing or opening the com port correctly

But nothing has been consistent though since I have restarted my laptop and still get crashes


Sounds like you have a shorting problem. Do you have a serial port on the laptop, or are you using a USB/serial converter? Have you tried using the serial port with other devices? When you say crash, do you mean BSOD? Have you tried different cables? I doubt it is software related (closing/opening com port correctly).


Hi ransomhall,

Yes, I’m using a usb-serial cable and yes the BSOD.

I will try using a different cable once I get a chance.

One more thing. I openned the visual studio c# express 2010 solution from

using visual studio 2010 professional
does that matter?


I’ve had problem with a cheap USB serial port. was something with the driver i think. then i got one with an FTDI chip and it stopped crashing. try another brand and see if it helps


and by the way my cable uses the PL2303 chip


i switched to another brand, cp2102, it works just fine

moral: generic brand is not reliable


visual studio version does not matter.


If you’re getting a BSOD, it’s either a bug in the Windows kernel (unlikely) or a bug in a driver (highly likely), or hardware failure (bad RAM etc).

My guess is you’ve discovered a bug in the driver for the usb-to-serial chip you’re using.