Repeat topic issue getting out of hand

Any coming fix for repeat topic issue?

It’s been getting a bit annoying when I come here and there is an entire page of the same topic. :frowning:

I don’t see this behavior. (using FF5.0)

It only seems to happen on the new posts page. Same browser here…

I am curious, when you see repeated posts, close the browser and reopen the page, still repeats? Now close the browser and open a complete different browser, still repeats?

Also, when see repeats, log out then log back in, still repeats? If yes then do not remove the repeats and lets us log in in your account to we can see them maybe we can see more on our end?!

Hi Gus,

I’ll try that tomorrow when the forums get a bit more active, will let you know over PM… :slight_smile:

This will be looked into further.

I was having this same problem for ages. Finally, I clicked the “Mark all as read” button, after that, I haven’t gotten the repeat posts showing up and it has been a couple of weeks. No idea why that worked, but it did, worth trying at least.