Renesas RX62N Demo Kit promotion

In case someone wants yet another toy to play with…

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The RX core is non-ARM, but seems capable enough of running the NETMF. Someone ought to put together a port!

I got one of these exact boards when they came out (for the original comp they ran) hoping someone would port mf to this, and Renesas had previously done mf work IIRC; but given their recent financial challenges i suspect that we won’t see that in a hurry.

I think the max flash is 512K and RAM is 96K. NETMF porting will be a challenge and with 4.2 it may be futile.

Those specs match USBizi, so it should be possible…

Sure, but why? Seems like a step backwards.

Because the RX core is probably faster clock-for-clock than the ARM7TDMI core and maybe even the Cortex-M core, and is currently available at 100 MHz, soon to be 200 MHz, has as many or more peripherals than the STM32, and is cheaper.

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Sounds like a good enough reason to me :slight_smile:

Here’s a free training course for this chip if anyone is getting the kit: