Removing Gadgeteer cables

What is the best way of un-plugging the cables ? The connectors are a bit too small to grab and the cable is the only I’ve been able to, but the cable is thin and the connectors are quite tight so I think that will damage them over time.

I tend to grasp the cable as close to the plug as possible, and gently work it back and forth as I pull it out. I’ve had my Spider kit since October, and haven’t had any issues with cables or sockets to date.

Also important to note…you should never plug or unplug any of the cables with the power on. Always unplug the power supply from the power module before making any changes to your cabling.

Correct. Also try to keep the cable inline with the socket when you pull, do not pull it in a 90 degree angle. I think we should post couple pictures about this.

Well that’s what I already try and do but I think it would be nice if the plugs were different (Had a little loop or hole on the back) and there was a tool to use to remove them.

The nice thing is that it’s only the cables which would need replacing for such a change. The hard thing is getting custom-made plugs.

@ yngndrw

Adding a loop to the cable end would likely increase the cost significantly. Given that the IDC cables and sockets are already one of the more expensive components, I personally would rather keep them as they are to keep costs lower. :slight_smile:

Well it could be left as an extra - By default you get the normal cables but you can then buy the looped cables and tool.

@ yngndrw

Hmm…sounds like a great opportunity for a third-party. :smiley:

I doubt it. Tooling fee for such thing is over 5000 USD. So unless you are selling MANY, it is a bad investment.

Maybe in a year when everyone on this plant is using gadgeteer :slight_smile:

Devahmmer is working on it, he is blogging enough to get everyone excited :slight_smile: Other community members are doing great blogging as well.