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Remap PWM?


There is possibility to remap a com port. I know it’s very different but is it possible to remap a PWM?

We have a Panda.

We have a motor driver control wire soldered into IO61,63,69,68,64,63. Those are conveniently placed IO and we have a nice straight line. However, we have 68,69 has PWMUsingOC since they are not PWM.


In almost all cases you can not remap pins. The UART was a very special case.


Hmmm… Tell me more about remapping UART pins. That would simplify a shield I built for the Panda-II that is including header pins to the extension header in order to grab another UART. So, would it be possible to remap COM3 to D2 & D3 ?


Remapping is explained in the Domino brochure:


Thanks, Architect. That looks fairly “hard coded”. Does it work the same for the Panda-II or is the example in the brochure specific to Domino?


As far as I know it can remap on the panda too, but only to those pins. You can’t randomly pick pins and map to those. That would be cool though.

I know that some of the PICs I use has a bunch of peripherals that can be remapped, and a bunch of pins that can be mapped to, with no limit on how you map.

The LPC23 does not though…

On that note: There are bags of hardware OutputCompare, with a pin for each, that isn’t used. This can be made into more PWM pins, 16+ pins at that…


Most uCs have peripherals fairly ‘hard wired’ and only minor changes can be made, if any. The Cypress PSoC line is the only uC I know of that has heaps of control over what things are hooked to what pins, and what peripherals you can make out of the low level analog and digital blocks (and even reconfigure them at run time.) They have their limitations of course and having all of that control makes them much more complex.