Reliable FTP and Web server for G400-S(without Gadgeteer)

I have started to implement FTP and Web server on our own PCB based on G400-S module.
I have read a lot of topics on the forum and it seems it is not so simple to create reliable FTP and Web Server.
Is it possible to use standard NETMF FTP library without problems or there is some known issue?
Do you know if there is some reliable FTP and Web server implementation for G400 which can be simply use?

We need FTP mainly for uploading new application(firmware) files to SD card through ethernet(you know firmware hex file is quite big - 6.5Mbytes) for IFU and for changing of application settings.
Web server will be used for occasional checking of application status.

Thanks for your suggestions.

The NETMF FTP has a lot of issues.
But you can find a modified Version of it from me in CodeShare.
This one runs in an 24/7 Environment.
Since the files I use are mainly command files, which have a short live span, and don’t have to be persistant, I also implemented a virtual FTP listener, which keeps the files in RAM only. Not sure if the file System based lister is as stable as my virtual one.

In less than an hour, I was able to modify the Gadgeteer web server to run under standard MF. I am using it in a current project, in a very simple manner, and it has been working great. I have not done any extensive testing, so I will not be releasing it into the wild.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Thanks for your suggestion. I have read the corresponding thread and saw that you have already ported it to 4.3 NETMF vers. Would it be possible to upload that version for 4.3. to Codeshare or is that version already at Codeshare?

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Now I am able to run your FTP server on my G400. It was quite easy to port it to 4.3. Thanks. As a FTP client I am using recommended FireFTP Fiferox plug-in .

Sorry, didn’t see your previous post.
Yes, there should not be any big difference (if at al) for 4.3

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - I have played little bit with this FTP and it is quite stable.
I have a question regarding reliable finishing (Disposing) of this FTP server and starting it again e.g. when the ethernet cable is disconnected and connected again(as this is quite usual) or the Internet services(from provider) is stopped and started again.
I have tried to disconnect ethernet cable and there is some exception generated and catch by WorkerThread() but the WorkerThread() is then finished…
I have seen Dispose() in FTPListenerManager which can maybe solved these situation but I am not able to use it(honestly I do not have enough experience in C#)

Have you tried or do you have piece of code for solving these situations?

Is here anybody who had to solve this situation? I am still not successful.