Release of the GHI Electronics NETMF and Gadgeteer 2016 R1 SDK!

We are excited to announce the release of the GHI Electronics NETMF and Gadgeteer 2016 R1 SDK. We have worked hard over the last few months to provide a very stable and user friendly SDK. Some of the major things in this release include:

  • CDC over USB client on G30
  • EMX, G120, and G400 can now update TinyBooter though In-Field Update
  • G400 now uses the new GHI Bootloader to update TinyBooter
  • Networking improvements in SSL, Accept, and Read
  • The default debug interface is now controllable
  • Legacy Gadgeteer mainboards and boards in GHI.Pins no longer warn about being obsolete
  • Signed USB CDC drivers are now included when using the default VID and PID
  • The USB drivers are now optional for the GHI Bootloader on Windows 10 and for Micro Framework on all supported systems
  • BrainPad project templates are included for C# and Visual Basic
  • PPP now works with more modems
  • WiFi RS9110 is now more recoverable when corrupt
  • SPI displays on G80 and Cerberus can now use custom widths and heights

No changes have been introduced since pre-release 2. The release notes show the combined changes of all the pre-releases for this SDK.

While we still do not officially support Visual Studio 2015 because of the serious issues with it, we are making an unsupported patch available that allows you to use it with our SDK. See the patch instructions for complete details. We still recommend Visual Studio 2013 for production use.

Lastly, we have updated our code signing certificate. You may get warnings that the SDK installer, USB drivers, and FEZ Config are not well known from Windows since it is a new certificate. This will go away as the SDK is used more.

Latest .NET Gadgeteer Core:
VS2015 patch instructions:
2016 R1 SDK:


Great news!!! I’m going to migrate!!! :dance:

I get an error when I try to install the Gadgeteer part. Seeing as I don’t use this anyway, I assume I can just not install this?

ERROR “The specified account already exists”

Cool. I try it :clap: :clap:

@ Dave McLaughlin - Gadgeteer is optional if you don’t need it.

@ Gary - [quote]PPP now works with more modems[/quote]

How did you test this? Is there a list somewhere that I can reference? I want to use PPP to connect my g120 to the internet via the raspberry pi, but I haven’t gotten the PI to “answer” as yet.

@ Mr. John Smith - We have tested and confirmed working the SIM900, SIM908, and SIM5320A.

@ John - I have some questions regarding compatibility of “GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1” and previous 2016 Pre-release R2.

[ol]I assume that application compiled under “SDK 2016 R1” will run under 2016 Pre-release R2 without any problems as there is no changes according release notes?
In other words is it necessary to update our G400 PCBs currently using 2016 Pre-release R2 to the newest NETMF SDK 2016 R1? Again I assume it is not necessary because it is the same version
Is there any changes in FEZ Config in new SDK 2016 R1 compare to 2016 Pre-release R2?
So is there any benefit to install new SDK 2016 R1 if I have already installed 2016 Pre-release R2?
[/ol]Thanks for clarifying these things.

In VS2015 patch instructions:
C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.NET Micro Framework\v4.3
must be
C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.NET Micro Framework\v4.3

I’ve personally used it with the SIM900 and SIM5320A/E modules. Works great and reliably too. The cellular drive needs some work though to make it connect reliably each time but the changes are minimal.

We use G120 with various terminal modems (Wavecom, Siemens, Alltel, Telit etc.)… Everywhere PPP works great!


@ SouthernStars - Thanks, fixed.

@ mhstr - The firmware, assemblies, and FEZ Config in the SDK are the exact same files from pre-release 2. They have not been recompiled. So you do not need to update your G400s. However, we still recommend installing the final SDK.

[quote=“GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1”]
[em]Fixed built in Ethernet LEDs not functioning.[/em]

On my G400-D (TH-Module) the Speed-LED is always on, even if there’s no cable connected. I wired it up like in the J11-connector-schematics.

@ Gary -

I’m starting with gadgeteer and .net programming. I just bought a FEZ Reaper and several modules. After the firmware update to the Reaper to, there are no pictures of the mainboards in the selection sccreen nor at the Program.Gadgeteer screen …
Another concern I have is to enable the backlight of the Character Display or even better to dim it with some PWM output :slight_smile:
thanks in advance for your help

hi there, welcome to the forum. I think your questions are unrelated to this release of the SDK, but more related to your installation process. Can you confirm that you did or did not have the SDK and Gadgeteer template portion working before you installed this GHI SDK? Can you tell us how you stepped through the install of the 2016 R1 SDK? Did you select to install the Gadgeteer SDK or not in the process?
As for your PWM and display options, that’s a hardware question and separate to the SDK install question, please start a new thread for that.

@ Brett - Thanks!.. I have uninstalled everything and installed again… It is working fine now. I’m sorry for my inquiry in a wrong post. Thanks so much

Awesome news on getting the Gadgeteer templates back !
As far as your other question, don’t think I’m picking on you, but it really isn’t going to be an easy answer that is just going to slip in to a different thread - it really deserves a thread for itself

@ glx - We will take a look at the Ethernet LED issue

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Nice :). Is there by the way an option to get the connection-link-speed via software?

@ glx - Unfortunately we do not expose that in our libraries.