Release of the G30 Development Board!

Today we are excited to announce the official release of the G30 Development Board. The G30 Development Board is the official development system from GHI Electronics for the G30 System on Chip. This development system exposes the various peripherals and interfaces that make it ideal for any .NET Micro Framework project. It is available to purchase today and will begin to ship next week.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) will get you started in no time. All you need is a PC with Visual Studio and the .NET Micro Framework SDK from Microsoft. You simply follow the steps listed here to get started in minutes. The system can be powered through USB or by connecting a power pack (not included).

G30 Development Board:
G30 System-on-Chip:


A good showcase on how to add Ethernet and displays to three very tiny G30.

@ Gus - Does it have 3 G30?

@ Gus - The specifications for the board says no networking?

@ Mike - The “question mark” clarifies that it is done through an external chip. But I agree I would put “Yes*” than “No”.

:smiley: Actually, the question mark confuses instead of clarifies. :slight_smile:

“three” is a swiped version of “the” so you should read it as:

(surely you’ve been around here long enough to read Gus-speak? :slight_smile: )

Yes, blame the autocorrect. The G30 not three! :slight_smile:

@ Gus - Just messing with you.

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@ Brett - Yep. I think there should be enough to publish a book. :wink:

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Is there software for this too ?

@ Rajesh - yes it is done. We will publish everything later.

Three g30s? Slightly more powerful than the g80 then?