Release of NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R5!

@ John -

Thanks for the reply… I asked because I ‘thought’ that maybe you update the core.

Anyway, I’m wrong as usual!

In 4.3.5 “SDCard.IsCardInserted” was removed.
What can I use instead!?

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - You can create an interrupt port on the SD detect pin (pin 3 on the F socket) and mount or unmount when you receive an interrupt.

@ John - But that will not work on Cobra II. SD detect pin does not support interrupts.

@ iamin - Correct. See

@ John - I have a custom board, where SD_CD is connetcted to P1.8
And I don’t need Interrupts, because I only Need to detect if SD Card is present on Startup.
Thank you for the info.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Happy to help.

@ willgeorge
I fixed a problem with the web server null responder object in this post, item #6
I changed the source code for the NETMF webserver and made my own DLL.

Your support page instructs me to use .NET Gadgeteer Core 2.43.900
But there is a newer version available:
.NET Gadgeteer Core 2.43.1000

Should I be using Gadgeteer Core 2.43.1000?

@ dspacek - We currently support 900, but you should be fine using 1000. See for more information on it.

Thanks for all work !!!

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Thanks! GHI developers and staff. Great Job!

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How can I track the progress with the work Microsoft is doing to fix the LwIP TCP/IP stack issues in discussion 569521? I looked here:
and no code changes have been made since Oct. 31, so it seems that work has stopped. Is there a projected release date for the next .NET Micro Framework that will fix these problems?

@ dspacek - typically Microsoft does all changes locally and only push up when all is done. Not seeing changes on codeplex doesn’t mean anything really.