RelayX1 Module Recall Part 2

A few months ago we issued a recall for the RelayX1 Module. We are excited to announce today that we will begin shipping new relay modules to the customers and distributors affected by the recall!

Should you have any questions regarding your specific recall module please feel free to contact us directly at recall@

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. We would also like to thank you for your continued support!

RelayX1 2.0:
Recall Announcement:


Please go find all the posts for @ iamin and +1 them as he was instrumental in fixing this issue! ;D


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It has taken awhile to get the new version in production, but I am sure the wait has been worth it.

looks the same, shouldn’t be rounder or shiner or something :whistle:

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@ PiWi - I just want to see who is supportive. :wink:

Two observations:

  • Datasheet of GOODSKY relay specifies nominal current of 73mA while GHI specifies 20mA current consumption; how does 73mA + LED = 20mA remains a mystery to me :smiley:
  • This GOODSKY relay is rated to max operating temp of 55°C, one relay’s pin is connected to terminal block with a 95 mil width PCB trace. Online calculator (Printed Circuit Board Trace Width Tool | Advanced Circuits ) suggests that at 10A load 60°C temp increase above the ambient should be expected. I don’t know how accurate these calculations are, but I would not use this module in a closed box when high currents are expected. I did a quick test - 8A @ 220Vac for 7 minutes resulted in 19°C rise above the ambient.

Aren’t nominal current and switching/holding voltage/current consumption different things? I assume the 20mA is just for the LED.

I guess I dont really understand nominal current.

[quote=“mtylerjr”]I guess I dont really understand nominal current.

@ mtylerjr - Just for you: total current consumption - 69.7mA, LED - 2.7mA.


I never claimed to be a hardware guy :slight_smile:

@ GHI - Thanks just received the new modules in the post. :whistle: