Relays 1.2 schematic?

Hello all, I just bought a Part #: SRLAY-GM-327 from Mouser (, but the datasheet listed on GHI’s own website seems to be out of date. They have 1.0 available for download, but the board that shipped to me has 1.2 in silkscreen.

The schematic has fewer parts than my board does. And of course, I can’t make any of the transistors switch on, as per the 1.0 schematic. I really don’t want to back-engineer this just to control it.

The files are available here: The files are marked as 1.2, but the contents say 1.1. Hopefully this helps.

Awesome, thanks, Steven. That’s what I needed. Explains the added resistors from the 1.0 to 1.2 revision.

I would also add that the biggest significant difference between the 1.0 schematic and the 1.1 / 1.2 was that the relay coil power was moved from pin one of the header to pin 2. On 1.0, pin 2 is a no-connect. So my wiring it to 1.0 resulted in one big open circuit!