RelayISOx16 not implemented?


I wanted to add my RelayISOx16 module in my program… but I noticed that it’s not aviable anymore in the toollist -.-

I copied it from a other project… but I don’t think it works that way >.<
It’s now known in the program… but has no funktions.

How do I get it to work again?
(Please very easy solutions… can’t write own libraries or drivers …)

THX for help
greets evul

You’ll need to get these from the source code. Here’s the RelayISOx16.

Then compile and include the DLL in your project… Or for the super lazy, just copy the .cs file to your project.

It’s not that I’m super lazy… but I don’t understand the first solution xD
So, I just need ot copy “RelayISOx16_42.cs” to my project in the folder?
Or do I need to include it via VisualStudio somewhere?

… I’m really not smart in that kind of stuff >.<

greez evul

Can’t find a way to implement those .cs files into my project :confused:
Also can’t open the project file from the download >.<
Found my old Project made in 4.2 … btu it seems those .dll files aren’t really useable…


Ahh, seen that in the Gadgeteer SDK folder are all modules. Someone got the files, that I need to insert there? … would that work at all?

OK. A friend did show me how to “import” and use the file XD
How can I have the Module aviable also in other projects without separately importing it?

thank you ^.^

@ evul - You can also take a look at