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Relay16 expansion


Hey, could someone help me with a error on the I2C part of the relay16 driver?

I am getting this error:

[quote]Error 1 Member ‘Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.I2CDevice.CreateWriteTransaction(byte[])’ cannot be accessed with an instance reference; qualify it with a type name instead

on the following line:

//make all pins outputs
xaction[0] = I2C.CreateWriteTransaction(new byte[] { 0x06, 0x00 });

I do not know much about i2c yet, so I would be happy if someone could help… :wink: :-[

Thanks! ;D


xaction[0] = I2CDevice.CreateWriteTransaction(new byte[] { 0x06, 0x00 });


How dumb of me ::slight_smile:

Thanks! :-[


No problem i stared at the screen for a couple hours when i ran into it. Screamed at it “this compiled before you stupid thing”.


hahaahaha :smiley:

thanks ;D