Relay X1 Module should not be used to control high voltages

On the main page of this module there is this statement: “This module includes one relay capable of controlling up to 10A-250VAC”.

If you take a look at the back of this module, you will see that there is a GND polygon pour. NC trace that comes from relay has a clearance of 10-20 mils or alike. The same situation is with other traces that come from relay to terminal block, but they are a bit harder to see.

Either I am missing something here or this module on no circumstances should be used to switch high voltages.


Sweet, that’s exactly what I am doing at this very moment. No smokes so far.

I think you are right. We added a note to the catalog and made it out of stock until we investigate.

@ Simon from Vilnius - In theory, it should not be safe to use it ::slight_smile:


So for the folks (like myself) that bought this module specifically for what it was advertised to be able to do (that is handle high voltage) what is going to be done?

Any feedback is appreciated and thank you for identifying this flaw.

@ kevinleehead - Hi Kevin please contact me directly. You can either click on my picture next to this post and click “Send a Direct Message” or write : " jeff.knaggs" the rest of the address is our domain.

Hi, I’am also interessted in an official statement, what we should do!

I have three X1 relays with 230VAC and 2 A each running.

During the last year I lost one Cobra II, I thought it was a lightning (flash), we had heavy rain and storm at this time. But when I read this, I’am thinking …

We have discontinued this module until the new design is released. We will be contacting everyone who bought one with instructions on what to do next. If you have any questions please do no hesitate to contact us directly.


@ Jeff - Due to my “exp” level I am unable to send private messages.

Is there another way to reach you? Thanks again Kevin

@ kevinleehead - “Contact Us” form will work.

Hi Architect, I did that way before the forum posting and no reply. :wink:

Dec 3rd.

"Hello Kevin Head,

Thank you for contacting us. We’ve received your inquiry about “Single relay” will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

—The GHI Electronics Team"

I just wanted a more direct contact. Again I appreciate the help.

We are always monitoring the emails and the forums, do not worry :slight_smile:

@ kevinleehead - I’m the 2nd level reader of incoming email/contact-form. To expedite things, please click my picture on this post, and use the “Send a Direct Message” button.

I did a quick search on my email (it should have eventually been forwarded to me); couldn’t find it. Doesn’t mean you didn’t send it!

If you’ve previously posted on this topic in another thread, please list the posting number; that will also help me get answers to your questions/comments.

In general, we try to respond to incoming support on a 1 day (business) turn-around basis. So, if you haven’t heard back from any contact (real person). Feel free to click on any employees picture in the forum and it goes direct (bypassing any sorting that occurs with incoming contact forms).

Finally, if you have a date from the original automated response (in your post), please include that in the email so I can try to track down what happened.

@ kevinleehead - I found your RMA for the WiFiRS21 module. That is on its way back.

I suspect the Relay handling got mixed-up with the WiFi handling. That would be my fault; however, I’m still searching; in the mean time, I’ll start the process for the Relay

@ kevinleehead - Please disregard my post on WiFi module.

I was directed by one of the engineers here to issue an RMA for the Relay X1 (on Dec. 15). Which is why I commented on this thread post #5. Per your post #9, we didn’t hook-up. In the search for answers regards them lack of response from the Contact Form, I found your Original order. I have the information I need and will get back to you.

I still have not located the Contact submission, so this still applies:

Thanks for your patience!

@ Jeff - No worries. I did not mind waiting was just the first time I never received a reply when submitting via the “Contact” form. I have included the header information from the “Contact Us - Received” email.

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@ kevinleehead - Just for your interest.
Your post contains your mail address as plain text.
Any spam mail search engine can find it now ::slight_smile:

My discovery turned out to be true, but I have received only two Likes (none of which are from GHI team). I am wondering why? I have reported my other discoveries in the past and there were times when I have received no Likes at all.

I encourage people using +1 button more often, otherwise I will not reach 5000 points any time soon ::slight_smile:


@ GHI - I vote for giving iamin a +1000 point bump for a discovery like this. Had it burned someone’s house down it would of cost a lot more. :slight_smile:

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I will +1 every post from you from now on :slight_smile: No seriously, thank you very much for pointing this out. We were just too busy trying to figure out how to handle this properly.