Relay X1 Module not in Visual Studio toolbar


I’m trying to hook up the Relay X1 module (, but I don’t see it in visual studio. Is there a separate download?


Hi John, and welcome to the forum.

that module is new, and isn’t in the current released SDK. It’ll arrive in the next iteration, due any day now - watch for an announcement (likely) next week !

Here is a relevant post though…

it has the details you need in the interim


Where will the new drivers be posted?


Few days

I understand it will be a few days, but where should I check to see the update?

Will it be on the GHI home page?

The SDK will have a name and it will say (NEW) next to it… we are updating it now.

It is updated to show the SDK name. We are still working on making it even easier.

Any updates on the new drivers?

I went to

and only saw NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R1 Update-1, which dates to April 30th.