Relay ISOx16 problem when unplug the power

Hi all,

I know that there are some issues for Relay ISO x 16 module. Can you tell me how to resolve the problem in the picture ? This problem can be easily obtained when you unplug the power of the Spider main board. I need your advice. Thanks in advance.


@ hoavinh - have modified the board as explained by Aaron?

Here it is

@ Gus - Thanks for your response. I read all posts of the topic above and the solution proposed by Aron. But … Indeed, i’m neither mechanical nor electrician and don’t follow embedded system formation. I’m simply software developer in .NET. I like Gadgeteer modules and NETMF because there are too easy to learn to debug and to initialize my first experiences in robotic / command control area :-[ .

So, effectively I don’t understand and don’t know to do when reading [em] “You will want to completey remove the whole pins (circled in red) from the connector board as well as from the relay board … You will also need to short R2 (circled in red).” [/em]. I guess that 2 solutions for “… remove the whole pins …” :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :

  • Using a cable to connect + into 5V and - to GND (see picture in right hand side) ??? ??? ???
  • Disconnecting or breaking physically these two pins from the Relay board :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Moreover, regarding to " … You will also need to short R2 … " What does it mean ? Sorry for my bad experience and very stupid question !!

Thanks in advance!

You wild need a soldering iron. But I am afraid you may damage your circuit if you have never done this before. Any of your friends have some electronic knowledge?

@ Gus - yes, i will ask my friends. Thanks a lot Gus. Once finishing this project, i will post here some pictures and video of my complete project and its prototype.

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@ hoavinh - we look forward to seeing more pictures and details :slight_smile:

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@ Gus - and more other members of Gadgeteer team : After more 1 year and only working during the weekend, I would like to post here some photos about the 1st prototype of my project.
I also developed a web application allowing to remotely control Gadgeteer Spider card, especially for manual actions and automatic actions that are based on time and sensor values. In this prototype, I use several Gadgeteer modules like

  • Card Gadgeteer FEZ Spider
  • Relay ISO16
  • Module for temperature and humidity (security surveillance of local temperature)
  • RFID Reader (acces control)
  • SD card reader (manual configuration without recompilation card)
  • Ethernet J11D (for rest service communication)
  • DaisyLink (for counter flow)
  • Extender (for sensor value reader)
  • Pulse PWM I/O (frequency control)

The first week of July, I will demonstrate this prototype to students in order to present them “advanced C# language” using Gadgeteer framework and their modules with Restfull webservice of .NET technology.

Thanks a lot your advice.


Interesting! Where will you perfom your demonstration?

@ hoavinh - this is great. We are also trying to get into the educational field. We welcome you to join us. Stay tuned for an announcement please.

@ Gus & @ leforban - demonstration maybe at Pierre Marie Curie University 75005 Paris. I will post in the forum some pictures and videos soon.

Hey!! I Used to work with people from LIP6 at UPMC . Unfortunately I do not go to Paris so often and won’t be there in July…

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@ hoavinh - a good excuse for me to be in Paris :clap:

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