Relay ISOx16 Module

Chaps, looks like i have convinced my father to the dark side of the force and he is going to convert the control system of an oldish plastic injection moulding machine to a Gadgeteer based system.

The Relay ISOx16 Module would possibly do the job for part of it…I just need to specs on the relays - ie max AC

Looks like the name has changed from Songle to Anovay

but the URL seems to be this:

@ jamesjl - Cheers fella, do you have the module?

Nope. Just did a google on the image from GHI. Thinking of getting one for a project to keep my garden veg patch healthy for next year. Never needed it this year with all the rain…

Yeah i did the same, image says relays are 10A blurb says 1A.
Yup, the North Hertfordshire veg patch has been a tad wet! and don’t stock it either and I don’t really want to pay the price to ship one from the US.

@ jamesjl - Might be time for some group buys, your not that far up the road from me…

The data on the anovay site seems to all say 10A (or 7A for the 1C version) as the maximum rated load current. I don’t see 1A anywhere. I think you’d be safe a 10A for the relay. The PCB is another question altogether.

@ jamesjl - GHI’s announcement blurb…

Relay ISOx16 Module
No more relay-noise issues that cause processors to reset. This optically-isolated relay module includes 16 1A relays. The module uses Y socket making it simple to add many of these to any mainboard.

Missed that. I was looking at the details of the relays. I guess the GHI guys will be able to confirm for sure in a hour or two.

I’ll have a think about a coimbined order as there are a couple of other bits I’d like to try out too. It’s just about the timing. How soon would you be looking to get you hands on one?

Guys, I spoke with Proto-Pick this morning about an order i placed. while on the phone i asked them about stocking more than the current list of Gadgeteer modules. They are happy to do this we just need to email them what we want and they will get it added to the website so we can order it. They order from GHI every two weeks.
Anywho email a guy called Ewen Fisher (sales at proto-pic .co .uk)

Edit : Its sales at ignore the above address!!! :frowning:

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@ HughB - Top man

Great news.

@ jamesjl - See young Hugh’s comment, probably work out cheaper :slight_smile:

Doh! wrong email address its sales at
Monday afternoon brain fart!!

@ HughB - More coffee fella…

@ Justin - Sorry for the late reply, things have been pretty hectic around here as of late with the move and SDK however, the max ratings are 10A @ 250VAC and 10A @ 125VAC.

@ James - cheers fella