Relay ISOx16 Module - How to wire the relay?


I was hoping that their was a wiring diagram for the ISOx16 relay and if not maybe someone can help answer a few questions.

[ol]Does the power connection ( + , - ) at the end of the board where the IDE cable connects power just the board & leds? Or does the power also go out the 16 relays to the devices connected to the relays?
[ol]Each relay has three “ports” but they are not labeled. On other relays I would normally see them labeled as “OC - Common”, “NO - Normally Open”, and “NC - Normally Closed”; does this also apply to this relay and if so which “ports” or which?

Basically I want to have a string of lights connected to each port and I am trying to determine the wiring for it and whether I can use one power source or if I need to apply a separate power source to each relay.

I am a noob at this so your assistance is much appreciated.


  1. Only powers the board, none of that goes out to anything connected to the relays.
  2. They have a drawing. If you are going from the top of the board down(I count the top as the opposite side of where the power connector comes in). It would be NO, OC, NC.

I just daisy chained my OCs together with small wires.