Relay ISOx16 Module driver board

GHI folks, any chance you will ever offer the socket Y driver board that is on the front of the Relay ISOx16 Module as a standalone module?

Everything is possible but not in the near future.

How many do you need?

Actually, based on a lot of postings on this forum, it is a very poor design and causes the relays to chatter.

You would be better off with a new design for this board if you are considering driving something other than the 16 relay board it currently plugs into.

I’ve been considering this but no need for the 16 relays. If you need quantity I could build it.

HI Dave, thanks for the response. I don’t know if my needs would justify your effort to build a board. I need ~4 of them for a pinball machine project where I’m building my own relay boards and would like the plug-n-play nature of a Gadgeteer module. Thanks again.

Why not use maxo module? It is made for that.

If you can drive PCB software like Eagle, you can do your own boards cheap. DFRobot has a very good PCB service where you get 10 boards for the price you pay.

Since this board has an issue, can’t GHI fix the little PCB board and make them available as a replacement for the current ones?

We’ll buy them if we have too…


@ Jay Jay - we are making a new one but current board world’s just fine if power is provided on the mainboard side and the relay side. Some users requested that the relay board continue to keep its state even if the mainboard is powered off and for that we will have an updated board.

Thanks for the updates, that’s what i mean… can you make the fixed parts of the board available for us to upgrade the current board?

Due to some of the issues we are running to with these boards. So resetting the board have become an a necessary piece of the design, so it would be great if one could reset the board without affecting the state of relays…