Reiinstall NETMF 4.3 stalls at Samba installation

I am trying to rebuild my NETMF setup that I used with VS2013 after I had to built a new machine. NETMF 4.4 on VS2017 is fine but I need 4.38 for an older board with the G400D.

The MS stuff installed OK but when I try to install the GHI NETMF SDK 2016 R1 it stalls at the SAMBA installation. I left it for 30 mins and then hit cancel. It wont’ go past this stage and I even disable the anti-virus for the installation.

Any ideas?

I am trying to remember, was there an option to opt out of installing samba?

Doesn’t appear to be an option for Samba if you select the Advanced option.

I got it anyway. I had managed to install before but it did not show up in VS2013 so I did a repair but that is when it stalled so instead I did an uninstall and re-install and now everything is working in VS2013.

Now I have a problem with the USB drivers. The G400 shows up in Device Manager with a warning and an error saying the driver could not be started. FEZConfig was able to update the bootloader but complained that the USB drivers were giving an error.

Can you get a screenshot of the error it shows? Did you mean FEZ Config was able to update TinyBooter? The bootloader for G400 can’t be updated using FEZ Config.

Sorry John, my bad. It was the update to Tinybooter not the boot loader. After I changed to use the 64 bit USB driver everything is good.