Regular online meeting

Now that the world is all about online meetings, does the community care to set one up? How often? Teams? Skype? Zoom?


Teams, for sure not Zoom
such talks are mostly time waster except you have a topics list

I perfer Zoom,

It could be but we can try it and see how it goes

Grand idea

My experience, in other hobby group online meetings, has been great. Often new groups start out slow, but as everyone gets to know each other, the discussions get interesting, often drifting off into unrelated subjects.

Although, having seen Justin on video, I do have some concerns…

Must… Bite… Tongue… :rofl:

Having met him in real life, I have even more concerns… :stuck_out_tongue:

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You fullas are real comedian’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i second the motion! Carried unanimously !

i met justin in 2014 at a workshop
since then i have problems sleeping through the night
it was love at first sight :heart_eyes:

See how much fun we are having with Justin! Image how much fun it will be live…

Mike, want to initiate first meeting? Maybe 3pm? That is morning for kiwi and evening in Europe?

Yes! I will setup a meeting for 3PM today.

Today maybe too close for everyone but I am available. We need the link to join please.

oh I see it here

ok looking forward to talking to you all.